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    2422A0057 Replacement Filters For Biesse ATS Vacuum Pods

    • Biesse 2422A0057 filter
    • Biesse pods filter
    • 30x15mm vacuum pods filter
    • Bronze filter for Biesse vacuum cup
    • Biesse brass filter
    • Biesse filter pillows
    • Vacuum pod filter for Biesse
    • Biesse ATS Vacuum Pods filter


    product description

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    2422A0057 Replacement Filters For Biesse ATS Vacuum Pods


    2422A0057 is the bronze filter for Biesse Rover ATS vacuum pods. It is inserted into the CNC vacuum rail holder, filter the air from the CNC vacuum block to the vacuum pump.

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    It is very important to keep your vacuum strainer works well, it is good for your vacuum pump. If damaged, you need to replace it in time in case of vacuum pump damage.
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    Biesse 2422A0057 vacuum filter size:
    30x15x2mm (Length 30mm, width 15mm, thickness 2mm)

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    RicoCNC supplies a big range of replacement parts for CNC vacuum block for Biesse, such as ball valves, retainer rings, rubber seals, and whole set vacuum cups.

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    It is a one-stop shop for CNC vacuum parts, if any needs, welcome your inquiry.

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